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Tips that will definitely extend the life span of your Limon hair extentions

1. Limon Hair recommends that you really put in thought where you will be storing your hair extensions because this can be essential to keeping your hair looking its very best * Limon Hair extensions come in a nice button up bag in w

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How to care for your Limon hair extensions while you sleep.

Our four step quick guide to increase the life and health of your hair extensions.

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Five reasons to care for your hair extensions

1. .It happens to the best of us, you go get a haircut trim nad come out with a bob cut. With hair extentions you able to gain that length back in a matter of minutes, and rock that bob every other day. 2. Hair extentions provide that volume your

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Hair care tips for clip in hair extensions.

Follow these few easy steps to take care of your limon hair extensions.

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